Companies release eco-friendly fracking fluids

Posted: Dec 16, 2010

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RYAN DEZEMBER, Wall Street Journal via Greenwire
Fracking site

Natural gas drillers are using what they call environmentally friendly chemicals, also used in processed foods and toothpastes, during extraction to quell fears about chemical contamination of groundwater.

U.S. EPA and the House Energy and Commerce Committee have asked companies to release information about chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in which chemical-laced water is injected into rocks to release gas.

Halliburton Co. has produced the CleanStim, a product that contains the same ingredients used to make ice cream and brew beer, according to Jim Brown, Halliburton's Western Hemisphere president.

Baker Hughes Inc. launched its BJ SmartCare line last week, which would allow drillers to adjust their fluids for toxicity and flammability. It said some of the components included fatty acids, essential oils and guar gum. It will substitute petroleum products with mineral oil.

Flotek Industries Inc. has also said it is testing biodegradable fracking chemicals.

Using the environmentally friendly chemicals will have a "minimal" impact on drilling costs, according to Baker Hughes.


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