BLM considers 'wild lands' in Wyoming

Posted: Jan 26, 2011

Written by

ERYN GABLE, Environment & Energy Daily
McCullough Peaks

The Bureau of Land Management has identified nearly a quarter-million acres in northwest Wyoming that may have wilderness characteristics and should be studied for possible protection as “wild lands” under the agency’s upcoming revision of its Bighorn Basin resource management plan (RMP).

The areas include more than 50,000 acres of unprotected land just east of Cody, Wyo., known as the Whistle Creek and Rough Gulch units, that border the 11,350-acre McCullough Peaks Wilderness Study Area, which BLM protected after an earlier wilderness inventory in 1980. If protected, the two proposed additions would require BLM to manage all of the McCullough Peaks badlands to protect their wilderness character.



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