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Cash-strapped Colo. state parks may open up to more oil, gas drilling

November 16, 2010

Colorado's state parks may be more heavily tapped for oil and gas extraction to feed a shrinking budget.

The State Parks Board is studying selling oil and gas mineral leases as part of a five-year plan to cut costs and keep the parks running. State Parks has already dumped...

Salazar orders conservation a priority on 27M acres in the West

November 16, 2010

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is ordering federal land managers to consider conservation as the primary focus of some 27 million acres of public lands in the West.

Environmental groups had been seeking the secretarial order to further protect the conservation lands. The order was signed...

Wyoming, Idaho, Montana wolf talks will continue

November 15, 2010

Hope may have triumphed temporarily over faith and experience Friday, when a legislative council approved Wyoming's one-third contribution toward continued negotiations about removing wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming from the federal endangered species list.

No one at the Legislative...

Grim outlook for grizzlies in Yellowstone region

November 15, 2010

A number of complex factors are believed to be working against grizzlies, including climate change. Milder winters have allowed bark beetles to decimate the white-bark pine, whose nuts are a critical food source for grizzlies. Meanwhile, there has been a slight seasonal shift for plants that...

Montana proposes Wyoming haul route for mine tailings

November 16, 2010

An estimated 120 long loads a week would be hauled through mountainous northwest Wyoming on weekdays next summer under a plan to haul mine tailings 360 miles from the abandoned McLaren Mine Mill site, near Cooke City, Mont., to the Golden Sunlight Mine near Whitehall, Mont.

Details of the...

Canadian company sues Colorado over new mining regulations

November 16, 2010

A Canadian company with plans for an enormous uranium mine in Weld County filed suit earlier this week claiming new state mining rules are "unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious and otherwise contrary to law."

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Denver District Court by Powertech Inc., names the...

Medusa head taking over rangelands, threatening grazing

November 15, 2010

New research suggests that an invasive plant called Medusa head will keep taking over rangelands in the West, vastly reducing the grazing potential for livestock as well as wildlife.

The study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Arid Environments confirmed the hypothesis that...

Wyoming water commission pans proposed Green River dam

November 10, 2010

State engineers and members of the water commission panned a proposed $750,000 study for a dam on the Upper Green River, saying the proposed project is too expensive, unnecessary and bad for recreation and the environment.
The dam would be located above the Warren Bridge about 90 miles...

Ranchers fear latest brucellosis plan would be costly

November 10, 2010

he state of Montana's latest plan to protect cattle and domestic bison herds from contracting brucellosis was met with skepticism by a room full of ranchers in the public library here Tuesday afternoon.

The plan would require ranchers in parts of Gallatin, Madison, Park and Beaverhead...

10th Circuit Court rules regional board has say on nuclear waste in Utah

November 10, 2010

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a nuclear waste group comprised of several Western states has the authority to regulate storage of low-level radioactive waste and can prohibit EnergySolutions from importing foreign waste.

The ruling by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals...

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