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Yellowstone gets real about budget cuts

March 12, 2013

The giant yellow snowplows that wake Yellowstone from its winter slumber every March are idled, waiting for the sun to make up for federal budget cuts that are forcing the park to open late for peak season.

Mandatory cuts kicked in three days before the plows were to start clearing snow...

Utah legislature advances sage-grouse resolution

March 12, 2013

With some grousing about federal management of endangered species, lawmakers finalized a resolution urging federal officials not to designate any private land in San Juan County as protected habitat for the Gunnison sage grouse.

The Senate voted 20-2 to pass HCR7, and sent it to Gov. Gary...

EPA seeks reviewers for water study seen as key to regulatory scheme

March 12, 2013

A new front in the high-stakes battle over which swamps, streams and other water resources should be regulated under the Clean Water Act opened up today, as U.S. EPA took a key step toward finalizing a scientific study examining how such water resources are connected.

In today's Federal...

Yellowstone sending some bison to research facility

March 12, 2013

As Yellowstone National Park looks to reduce its bison population, government officials plan to transfer 63 of the animals to a nearby Agriculture Department research facility.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) has given his approval for the relocation, his office said yesterday. The...

Endangered or not, but at least no longer waiting

March 7, 2013

Under a 2011 settlement of two lawsuits by conservation activists, the wildlife service has pledged to decide the fates of all the backlogged species by 2018. A schedule issued by the service on Feb. 8 promised to decide by September whether to add 97 species to the endangered list, including 70...

House approps bill would help Colo. recover from blazes

March 7, 2013

Colorado may finally get federal funding to restore watersheds damaged during last summer's devastating wildfires that are still vulnerable to flooding and landslides, under a newly proposed government funding bill.

Included in legislation sponsored yesterday by House Appropriations...

Bills curbing federal authority gain momentum in Utah

March 7, 2013

HB155, which cleared the House on Monday, is just one of several pieces of legislation this session aimed at limiting or mitigating federal influence in the management of public land, natural resources and endangered species in Utah.

Additional legislation this session aimed at limiting...

Poll shows broad support for maintaining, boosting ESA

March 7, 2013

Nearly two-thirds of Americans think Congress should strengthen the Endangered Species Act or leave it alone, according to a new poll conducted by an environmental group.

The Center for Biological Diversity, which frequently sues the government to press for more stringent protections of...

Judges rule for USFS in Nev. road dispute

March 7, 2013

Federal judges today upheld a Forest Service plan to rebuild a controversial road in Nevada's Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.

At issue is a Jarbidge Canyon road that was severely damaged when the Jarbidge River flooded in 1995. Located in Elko County, the area is home to the only...

State Dept: No major objections to Keystone XL Pipeline

March 6, 2013

The State Department today concluded that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline wouldn't significantly influence the pace of development in Alberta's oil sands, dealing a blow to environmentalists seeking to block the project over concerns related to climate change.

State's draft supplemental...

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