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State Senate to consider Idaho's demand for federal land

April 1, 2013

The full state Senate will consider a measure demanding that the federal government cede millions of acres of public forests, backcountry and rangeland to Idaho, on grounds the state can manage it better.

After House Republicans followed his lead, Rep. Lawerence Denney of Midvale on...

Helicopter bison hazing could resume this spring

April 1, 2013

Using helicopters to drive bison back into Yellowstone National Park may resume this spring after a federal court judge in Helena ruled Tuesday against a conservation group that believes hazing harms grizzly bears.

However, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies already has sent a new 60-day “...

Former FWS chief urges better Mexican wolf protection

April 1, 2013

On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the troubled Mexican wolf reintroduction program, a former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official who now heads an environmental group is pushing for a more aggressive recovery effort for the species.

Defenders of Wildlife Director Jamie Rappaport...

Water a life-and-death issue for Utah's Snake Valley

March 29, 2013

The Snake Valley doesn’t have a lot of trees. Looking across this expanse bordered by some of Nevada’s highest mountains, it’s not hard to see where the earth gives up its groundwater. Look for trees and willows.

This life-giving stream emerges from the same hidden resource Las Vegas...

Western enviros oppose widespread wolf delisting

March 29, 2013

Western environmental groups say they're alarmed that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering a plan to end federal protections for gray wolves in vast areas where the animals no longer exist.

The groups say ending federal protections would keep wolves from expanding their range...

BLM plan for central Wyo. doesn't protect sage grouse, say enviros

March 29, 2013

Conservation groups are taking aim at a proposed Bureau of Land Management resource management plan covering millions of acres in central Wyoming that they say fails to adequately protect prime habitat for the imperiled greater sage grouse.

The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance and...

Exxon may owe $1.7M for 2011 Mont. oil spill

March 29, 2013

Transportation Department regulators yesterday proposed that Exxon Mobil Corp. pay $1.7 million in civil penalties for safety violations related to a ruptured pipeline.

The July 2011 rupture resulted in 63,000 gallons of crude oil spilling into Montana's Yellowstone River, polluting 70...

Obama admin unveils climate adaptation plan for natural resources

March 27, 2013

The Obama administration, along with state and tribal partners, today released a national strategy urging land managers and lawmakers to take steps to adapt to the changing climate -- a document heralded by some green groups as the strongest statement yet from the government about the need to...

More than half of U.S. waterways in poor health, EPA reports

March 27, 2013

More than half of U.S. rivers and streams are in poor health, U.S. EPA said in a report released today.

The National Rivers and Streams Assessment is the agency's first comprehensive survey of waterway health, and it features surveys done by more than 85 field crews during the summers of...

Pipeline spill near bird refuge leaked more than originally thought

March 27, 2013

A Chevron Corp. pipeline that spilled diesel fuel last week near a northern Utah bird refuge may have leaked up to 27,000 gallons, much more than originally thought, authorities said.

The pipeline, which runs from Salt Lake City to Spokane, Wash., is presumed to have spilled fuel into...

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