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Sequestration pushes conservation agency toward 'breaking point'

May 2, 2013

Sequestration has affected the federal government's ability to put in place conservation measures on farmland, according to several organizations that work closely with the Agriculture Department.

The effects of the across-the-board spending cuts on farmland conservation programs, which...

Interior to decide fate of 10 species by 2018 under agreement with CBD

May 2, 2013

The Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to decide in the next five years whether to list 10 new species under the Endangered Species Act, including a rare Pacific Northwest mammal, an Arizona orchid and four species of springsnails.

The settlement announced late last week with the Center...

DOD aids in conservation with base buffer zones

May 1, 2013

A Defense Department program has resulted in the creation of more than 260,000 acres of sanctuaries as the military tries to keep urban growth from affecting its bases.

Through the Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative, the agency has spent nearly $1 billion to create buffer...

USFWS releases four Mexican wolves into the wild

April 29, 2013

About a dozen Fish and Wildlife Service personnel and volunteers stepped forward in a slow-motion line dance, quietly advancing toward a male Mexican wolf.

The group convened before dawn to partake in the first major release of Mexican wolves into the wild in almost five years, as FWS...

Bipartisan bill would help preserve watershed in Colo. national forest

April 29, 2013

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Rep. Scott Tipton (R-Colo.) are joining forces on a bipartisan effort to help protect a pristine watershed inside the San Juan National Forest.

Bennet yesterday introduced the "Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act of 2013," S. 841, which would designate...

U.S. looks to drop gray wolves from endangered list

April 29, 2013

Federal authorities intend to remove endangered species protections for all gray wolves in the Lower 48 states, carving out an a exception for a small pocket of about 75 Mexican wolves in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico, according to a draft document obtained by The Times.

The sweeping...

USFWS proposes protections for Sierra Nevada amphibians

April 26, 2013

The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed listing a species of frog and toad under the Endangered Species Act.

The Yosemite toad and Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog populations have decreased due to livestock grazing, fungal infections, pesticides and hungry non-native trout.


Utah unveils final sage grouse plan to mixed reviews

April 26, 2013

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) today unveiled a final state plan for the imperiled greater sage grouse that he and others say will restore dwindling grouse habitat and prevent the bird from being listed as an endangered species.

But conservation groups that have reviewed the plan say it...

Grizzly bear diet key to end of federal protection

April 26, 2013

A study on the nuances of Yellowstone ecosystem grizzly bear diets due this October will determine whether managers will recommend ending federal protections for the species, officials said last week.

The study, called a food synthesis, will take a “holistic approach” to analyzing grizzly...

Greater sage grouse needs open space to survive, thrive, says study

April 24, 2013

The imperiled greater sage grouse needs miles of uninterrupted sagebrush steppe with little nearby human activity to survive, according to a new federal study that also notes that land managers do not have adequate regulations in place to preserve critical areas.

The study, conducted by...

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