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Natural Resources Conservartion Service (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Protection
The purpose of the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program is to undertake emergency measures, including the purchase of flood plain easements, for runoff retardation and soil erosion prevention...
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Grassland Reserve Program
The Grassland Reserve Program (GRP) is a voluntary program that helps landowners and operators restore and protect grassland, including rangeland, shrubland and pastureland, and certain other lands,...
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Wetlands Reserve Program
The Wetlands Reserve Program is a voluntary program offering landowners the opportunity to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands on their property. The goal of WRP is to achieve the greatest wetland...
Needmor Fund
The mission of the Needmor Fund is to work with others to bring about social justice. Through grantmaking, the fund hopes to foster a spirit of individual and collective responsibility.
Nevada Conservation and Resource Protection (Question 1) Grant Program
The Nevada Conservation and Resource Protection (Question 1) Grant Program is designed to provide funding to citizens working to protect, preserve and obtain the benefits of the property and natural...
Nevada Recreational Trails Program
The Nevada Recreational Trails Program provides funding for motorized, non-motorized and diversified (shared use) recreational trails projects that are open to the public and use acceptable trail...
Nevada Weed Treatment and Inventory
The purpose of the Nevada Weed Treatment and Inventory program is to provide funding for projects targeting noxious weeds.
New Earth Foundation
The Foundation envisions a more evolved human consciousness, manifesting as universal respect for all life, worldwide responsible stewardship of Earth's resources and the common realization that...
New Land Foundation
Founded in 1941 by Joseph and Muriel Buttinger, the New-Land Foundation seeks to foster positive social change throughout the global community through its grant making.
New Priorities Foundation
New Priorities Foundation is committed to supporting citizen-initiated efforts to create a more vibrant, diverse and beautiful environment through hands-on experience, democracy-building and...
Newman?s Own Organics
Newman's Own Organics is committed to following the philanthropic role of Paul Newman by funding charitable organizations. \
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
The Trust seeks to help people in need, especially women, children and families; to protect animals and nature; and to enrich community life.
Norcliffe Foundation
The purpose of the Norcliffe Foundation is to foster improvement in the quality of life of all people in the community by the application of financial and human resources.
Norcross Wildlife Foundation
The support of local efforts to preserve and sustain native plant communities and wildlife habitat.
Northwest Fund for the Environment (NWFE)
Grants by the Northwest Fund are from an endowment designated to be spent promoting change in the uses of natural resources that will increase their protection and preservation in the State of...
Oak Woodlands Conservation Program
The mission of the Oak Woodlands Conservation Program is to conserve the integrity and diversity of oak woodlands across California?s working landscapes through incentives and education.
Orange County Community Foundation
The Orange County Community Foundation and the Frank and Judy Colver Fund have joined to provide funding for projects and programs that enhance environmental literacy and public understanding of...
Oregon Access and Habitat Program
Access and Habitat is a board-directed program designed to improve wildlife habitat and public hunting access to private lands in Oregon.
Oregon ATV Grants Program
The Oregon ATV Grants Program seeks to provide financial support for ATV recreation projects.
Oregon Fish Restoration and Enhancement Program
The Oregon Fisheries Restoration and Enhancement Act authorized the Department of Fish and Wildlife to undertake a comprehensive program to restore state-owned fish hatcheries, enhance natural fish...
Oregon Fish Screening or Passage Program
Cost-share funding opportunities are available through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) for voluntary fish screening and passage projects...
Oregon Forest Resource Trust
The Forest Resources Trust (FRT) program is designed to encourage landowners to establish and maintain healthy forests on under-producing forestlands.
Oregon Historic Trails Fund
The Oregon Historic Trails Fund (OHTF) is administered by the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF). The mission of the OHTF is to support projects that interpret, preserve, or maintain trail-related...
Oregon Landowner Incentive Program
Recognizing the importance of private lands to the conservation of fish and wildlife and challenges associated with habitat management on these lands, Congress implemented funding for a Landowner...
Oregon Recreational Trails Program
The Oregon Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is designed to help provide and maintain recreational trails for both motorized and non-motorized trail use.
Oregon Watershed Restoration Grants
The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) strives to help create and maintain healthy watersheds and natural habitats that support thriving communities and strong economies.
Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation
The Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation (OWHF) is committed to working in partnerships to improve the fish, wildlife, and natural habitats of the State of Oregon.
Patagonia gives at least 10% of its pre-tax profits at the grassroots level to innovative groups overlooked or rejected by other corporate donors.
Paul G. Allen (PGA) Family Foundation
The foundation's mission is to transform lives and strengthen communities by fostering innovation, creating knowledge and promoting social progress. \ \
Pew Charitable Trust Environmental Program
The environment program aims to promote policies and practices that protect the global atmosphere and preserve healthy forest and marine ecosystems.
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