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The woody biomass utilization grant program is intended to help improve forest restoration activities by using and creating markets for small-diameter material and low-valued trees removed from forest restoration activities, such as reducing hazardous fuels, handling insect and diseased conditions, or treating forestlands impacted by catastrophic weather events.

Funding Interests

Goals of the grant program are the following:

  • Help reduce forest management costs by increasing value of biomass and other forest products generated from forest restoration activities.
  • Create incentives and/or reduce business risk for increased use of biomass from national forestlands (must include National Forest System lands, however, may also include other lands such as, BLM, Tribal, State, local, and private).
  • Institute projects that target and help remove economic and market barriers to using small-diameter trees and woody biomass.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support


Grant Size

$50000 to $250000

Requirements & Limitations

A Forest Service letter of support for projects on National Forest System lands is required. A minimum 20% non-federal match is required. Construction projects involving a permanent building or infrastructure item, such as roads, are not allowed.

Application Process

Eligible applicants are State, local, and Tribal governments, school districts, communities, non-profit organizations, businesses, companies, corporations, or special purpose districts, e.g., public utilities districts, fire districts, conservation districts, or ports. Specific application procedures may be downloaded here.


Deadline for full applications was Feb. 13, 2009. Future deadlines have not as yet been posted. Refer to the website for these dates.


Funds are presently not available for this grant program. The Government?s obligation under this program is contingent upon the availability of 2009 appropriated funds from which payment for grant purposes can be made.

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