Wildlife Habitat Protection Program


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The Colorado Division of Wildlife recently recently replaced the Colorado Species Conservation Partnership Program with the Wildlife Habitat Protection Program. Habitat loss is a primary cause for the decline of many wildlife species in Colorado. As highly desirable lands are altered or converted to other uses, wildlife habitat can become degraded, destroyed, and fragmented. Habitat conversion and loss can also reduce opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, and wildlife observation. This Program

Funding Interests

Applications are accepted for projects that address one or more of the following priorities:

  • Critical winter range for big game species
  • Critical migration corridors for big game
  • Important access for hunting and fishing opportunities
  • Important habitat for sage-dependent Species of Concern
  • Wetlands and riparian corridors
  • See map for high priority habitat acquisition areas

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Landowners, local government open space programs, land trusts, or other conservation organizations

Grant Size

$0 to $0

Application Process

Any landowner wishing to participate in the program that has property benefiting the priority species/landscapes identified may complete an application form for the proposed project or may ask an interested land trust or a local government open space program for assistance in completing the application. It is not required that CDOW hold title to conservation easements funded through this program; land trusts or open space programs may be part of the application process at a landowne


In 2008, applications were due June 16, 2008 with decisions made by November 14th.

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