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The Laura Jane Musser Fund's Environmental Initiative encourages communities whether represented by local governments, state agencies or grass roots nonprofit organizations to use a consensus-based approach to environmental decision-making. The Fund also supports arts programs for under-served children, reducing unacceptable behaviors in schools, developing leadership in rural communities, and inter-cultural harmony.



Funding Interests

Under its environmental initiative, the Fund proposes to assist local governments or other public or not-for-profit entities in rural areas and non-urban communities in undertaking consensus-based processes in two areas:

Programs that work to preserve or manage natural resources,whether of ecological, economic, or aesthetic value, when a broad range of community members and stakeholders are involved in both the planning and implementation of the program.

The Fund would like to encourage collaborative dispute resolution, particularly where both the environmental health and economic livelihood of a community are at stake. The Fund recognizes that collaborative decision-making complements, and does not replace, existing legal frameworks.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

The Fund is interested in new or developing projects. The Fund prefers to fund the planning phase of such projects, and will consider providing support for professional facilitators in this phase, if needed. Follow-up implementation funding may also be available at a later stage.

Grant Size

$1000 to $35000

Requirements & Limitations

The Laura Jane Musser Fund will consider requests that propose a process or initiative in a rural or non-urban community that:

  • Develops a stewardship program through a consensus based approach with the goal of preserving and managing a significant natural resource, or
  • Uses a consensus-based approach to resolve an environmental issue or dispute.

The plan presented to the Fund must demonstrate that it:

  • Involves all the stakeholders;
  • Strives to engage the larger community;
  • Involves a neutral facilitator or mediator, where appropriate;
  • Takes into consideration the economic needs and long-term economic health of the community;
  • Helps to establish a model process that can be replicated.

Application Process

The proposal to the Fund should include overall goals of the project, activities to accomplish these goals, outcomes expected, a complete budget and timeline for all activities. Send a proposal of no more than five pages, plus a budget, application cover sheet and the organization?s IRS 501(c)(3) ruling letter. See website for more information.


Application deadline for 2007 was November 28th. The deadline for 2008 has not yet been posted. Refer to the website for future dates.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Northwest Chinook Recovery
Amount: $35000

Grant 2

Grantee: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Amount: $30000
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