Kresge Foundation Capital Challenge Program


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The Kresge Foundation created in 1924 by Sebastian S. Kresge "to promote the well-being of mankind." The foundation seeks to strengthen the capacity of charitable organizations to provide effective programs of quality, through grant making programs.

Funding Interests

Capacity building through challenge grants help organizations broaden and deepen their base of private sector support and encourage volunteer involvement in the fund-raising effort.

Geographic Focus

Within the United States and occasionally internationally.

Types of Support

A capital campaign provides an opportunity to reach out to new donors and volunteers, helping them understand the value of your mission and your organization. It is about relationships: nurturing old ones and developing new ones. It is about learning and planning the best ways to operate your organization with what you have now?and what you will have in the future.

Grant Size

$200000 to $750000

Requirements & Limitations

Nonprofit organizations with audited financial statements that have 501(c)(3) designations and are not classified as private foundations by the IRS are eligible to apply. Government and religious entities may apply. International organizations that would qualify as charitable organizations under United States law are also eligible.

Application Process

The foundation outlines specific requirements for their application process. The guidelines are posted on the Kresge Foundation website


The Foundation accepts proposals throughout the year.
Proposals are assigned to the Trustees' agenda for
consideration on a first-come, first-served basis. You may
call the Foundation to determine the next open agenda.
Generally, a decision is reached four to six months after an application is submitted. The Trustees approve grants in
March, June, September, and December.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: The Nature Conservancy, Maine Chapte
Amount: $1250000
Purpose: Purchase of property in Katahdin forest area to protect and preserve natural habitats.
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