Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation


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The foundation's priority is to help fund the building of grassroots organizations with the power to change their communities and improve their lives.

Funding Interests

The foundation favors projects reflecting a broad level of citizen participation and leadership. Specific areas of interest to the foundation are as follows, in order of priority to the foundation:

  • Environmental Protection and Conservation: Public policy, litigation, citizen involvement, public education, restoration, sustainable land use and environmental justice;
  • Human Rights/Civic Development: Advocacy, public policy, civil liberties and community capacity building. Particular attention is paid to community-supported projects that mobilize people to create progressive social change. We are also interested in helping groups achieve internal organizational change through small, as-needed, technical assistance grants and in funding projects that help these groups gain the skills necessary to guarantee their place at the table where the broader community conversations and policy decisions take place.

Geographic Focus

Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Types of Support

General operating as well as project support. Small technical assistance grants are made throughout the year for up to $1,500

Grant Size

$1000 to $15000

Requirements & Limitations

The foundation does not fund direct services, wildlife rehabilitation programs or land acquisitions. Organizations must have 501(c)(3) status.

Application Process

Initial contact with the foundation must be made through a brief letter, complete with the following information: a description of the organization and project summary budget, 501 (3)(c) status. The pre-application must not exceed two pages. If the project falls within the foundation's priority interest, a full proposal will be invited. The foundation does not accept pre-application inquiries over the phone. The foundation does not accept faxed pre-applications, faxed or emailed final proposals and discourages use of express mail. The foundation encourages use of recycled paper, double-sided printing and re-used envelopes, and discourages the use of folders, plastic binders and videos.



  • Cycle 1: Pre-application due March 16; final proposal, if invited, due April 30; decision made end of August.
  • Cycle 2: Pre-application due September 16; final proposal, if invited, due October 31; decision made end of February.
  • Recent Grants

    Grant 1

    Grantee: Cascade Land Conservancy, Seattle, Washington
    Amount: $20000
    Purpose: The conservancy serves to promote sound stewardship and land conservation principles. The conservancy will endeavor to assume a leadership conservation role in the community, providing comprehensive, local programs that compliment and enhance the preservation efforts of local governments. <br><br>

    Grant 2

    Grantee: Friends of the Cedar River Watershed, Seattle, WA
    Amount: $7500

    The Friends of the Cedar River Watershed are dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Watershed. They engage volunteers in stewardship, promote public awareness, and seek to build collaborative relationships within the environmental community.

    Grant 3

    Grantee: Partnership for a Sustainable Methow (PSM), Twisp, WA
    Amount: $5000

    PSM is an action-oriented, community-focused group of committed citizens that works toward sustainability in the Methow Valley. What makes PSM distinctive is its focus on sustainability issues on the community level, its ability to engage and collaborate with the local community, and its willingness to take specific action to demonstrate sustainable practices.

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