King County Water Quality Block Grant Fund


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King County Water Quality Block Grant Fund provides support for projects that improve or preserve water quality and water-dependent habitat.

Funding Interests

The fund supports community projects that protect or improve watersheds, streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and tidewater. The fund is interested in projects including:

  • Preservation, such as a conservation or access easement to a body of water;
  • Water quality protection measures, such as non-polluting landscaping or livestock management;
  • Water re-use or biosolids demonstration project;
  • Stream, lake, wetland and shoreline restoration;
  • Long-term stewardship of a body of water; and
  • Water quality monitoring.

Geographic Focus

King County, WA. Projects must be located within King County's Wastewater Division Treatment Service Area (includes portions of South Snohomish County).

Types of Support

Project and operating support.

Grant Size

$1000 to $50000

Requirements & Limitations

Applications are welcome from schools, special districts (such as utility districts), Native American Tribes, local governments and private non-profit organizations. Proposed projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Foster community stewardship by engaging community volunteers;
  • Have a demonstrable positive impact on the water quality or water dependent habitat of King County;
  • Leverage resources; a minimum of 10 percent cash match is required for awards more than $2,500;
  • Develop long-term partnerships; and
  • Provide a long-term benefit or assure continuity.

For additional limitations and application procedures, visit the fund's website.


Application Process

There are three levels of funding with corresponding applications. Micro grant: for requests up to $500 or less Small Change: for requests of $2,500 or less
Universal Grant: for requests over $2,500


Proposal deadline for 2007 is May 15.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: City of Redmond, Sammamish Restoration Stewardship Program
Amount: $4833
Purpose: This project seeks to expand and coordinate a sustained volunteer effort in the Sammamish watershed, such as tree plantings to increase the cover of riparian canopies. Principal activities will include restoration site monitoring and maintenance. This project will also expand participation of schools, employees of local businesses and community groups in one-day planting events. These events will help recruit more long-term volunteers.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Cascade Land Conservancy
Amount: $50000

This award is for the purchase of 2 conservation easements on approximately 22 acres in a 200-acre wetland complex near the headwaters of Rock Creek. This site is a candidate for Natural Heritage designation by the State of Washington. Cascade Land Conservancy is undertaking both legal and ecological stewardship of the conservation easement with the help of Friends of Rock Creek Valley and students from the Tahoma School District who will monitor the wetlands and carry out restoration activities.

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