Kalliopeia Foundation


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Kalliopeia Foundation is interested in programs that seek to further an emerging consciousness of "oneness", the idea that all life is interconnected and unified at its source.

Funding Interests

The foundation supports only those programs which demonstrate integrity in every aspect of the project, and which are grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. They seek programs that reach beyond partial and limited identities to our most basic shared identity as human beings.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support


Grant Size

$5000 to $20000

Requirements & Limitations

Kalliopeia does not support large, institutionally-funded programs, but rather non-profit programs with modest budgets that tend to be overlooked by traditional funding sources.

Application Process

Mail letters of inquiry (five pages or fewer, including attachments) to Kalliopeia Foundation. In addition to the mailed copy of your LOI, please e-mail a digital copy either as a Microsoft Word or Excel document, or as a PDF. The Foundation does not accept letters of inquiry by fax. The foundations requirements regarding the letters of inquiry can be found on their website.


Applications are accepted throughout the year.

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