Idaho Water Quality Program for Agriculture


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Provides financial incentives to owners and operators of agricultural lands to apply conservation practices to protect and enhance water quality and fish and wildlife habitat.

Funding Interests

Lands eligible for assistance are designated as critical areas or sources of pollution by the local soil conservation district, with concurrence of the Soil Conservation Commission.
Project funding criteria is based upon the following:

  • Total Maximum Daily Load schedule;
  • Endangered Species Act status;
  • Ground water quality protection area;
  • Beneficial uses affected;
  • Relative ability of the proposed treatment to protect the resource;
  • Readiness of the sponsor and anticipated participants to proceed;
  • Availability of technical assistance;
  • Availability of supplementary funding sources; and
  • Completed watershed plan.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support


Grant Size

$1000 to $30000

Requirements & Limitations

Project sponsors may be soil conservation districts, irrigation districts, canal companies, individuals, or other agricultural or grazing interests. Matching funds must total at least 25 percent of the project costs. Matching funds include all project time and expenses not reimbursed by state funds. The program may be used to integrate with other funding programs, providing total incentives do not exceed 100 percent of the allowable practice cost.

Application Process

Project applications (individual and entity-sponsored) will be reviewed and prioritized on a regional basis by a team consisting of Commission regional field staff, IASCD Division Director or representative, NRCS Division Management team, and the DEQ Regional Office. Regional project priorities will be reviewed by SCC staff, IASCD, ISDA, NRCS, and DEQ. This group will make final recommendations on project priorities and funding to the Commission. The Commission will have final approval on projects and funding.


Applications are generally accepted on an ongoing basis.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Mica Creek Ranch
Amount: $
Purpose: A cattle and horse ranch on Mica Creek was listed for sediment and bacteria. The project constructed 11,018 feet of exclusion and cross fence, 3 spring developments with pumps and troughs and 3.3 acres of riparian use exclusion. Cross-fencing was included to help manage stock after access to stream watering was lost. <br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: On-farm Sediment Reduction
Amount: $

Since 1985, there have been over 50 gully plugs installed within the Lake Creek District. It has been conservatively estimated that each gully plug will reduce gully erosion by approximately 15 cubic yards per crop rotation, which results in 2 cubic yards/plug/year. The work has provided an estimated sediment reduction of 800 cubic yards.

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