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The mission of the Idaho Community Foundation (ICF) is to enrich the quality of life throughout Idaho. The foundation does not define what that means; rather, ICF invites communities statewide to determine what is needed to make life better for the people in their communities.

Funding Interests

Because needs within the state are so varied, the range of projects which ICF funds is broad and includes projects in the fields of health, human services, arts and culture, education, public projects, and the environment.

In general, the Idaho Community Foundation favors activities that:

  • Reach a broad segment of the community, especially those citizens whose needs are not being met by existing services that are normally expected to be provided by private rather than government sources
  • Request seed money to realize unusual opportunities to meet urgent needs in the community
  • Stimulate and encourage additional funding
  • Promote cooperation and avoid duplication of effort
  • Help make a charitable organization more effective and efficient and better able to sustain itself over the long term

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Priority is given to project and operating expenses. A lower priority is given to requests for capital, fund raising, and debt reduction proposals.

Grant Size

$200 to $5000

Requirements & Limitations

The Idaho Community Foundation makes grants to 501(c) organizations, educational institutions and in some cases to governmental entities.
The following will not be considered for the competitive grants program:

  • Projects which replace school district responsibilities to students or that fund state or federally mandated programs
  • Religious organizations for the sole purpose of furthering that religion
  • Political activities or those designed to influence legislation
  • National organizations (unless the funds are to be used to benefit citizens of Idaho)

Application Process

In general, applications should include an executive summary, mission statement, list of similar organizations in the applicant's area, the primary and secondary counties served, a budget and organizational contacts. Applicants can apply for grants by completing the online application. Current grant cycle applications, as well as the detailed application guidelines, are available on the website.


The foundation has three regional grant cycles per year:

  • Northern Region: November 1 to January 15
  • Eastern Region: February 1 to April 1
  • Southeastern Region: May 1 to July 1


Potential applicants are invited to request to be put on the foundation's newsletter mailing list. ICF's Newsletters inform about upcoming grant cycles, grant award events, and various other subjects related to philanthropy in Idaho. Recent newsletters are also available on ICF's website.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Portneuf Greenway Foundation, Inc., Pocatello
Amount: $10000
Purpose: Funding was given for the completion of the Bristline corner of Trappers Park. The purpose of the Portneuf Greenway Foundation Inc., is to help establish and improve the Portneuf Greenway as a community resource and to encourage restoration of natural areas along the Portneuf River to enhance the quality of life for residents of Pocatello and Bannock County.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Wood River Land Trust Company, Ketchum<br>
Amount: $5000

The group was organized with the purpose of protecting open space and maintaining the natural integrity of the environment. The organization seeks to keep land in private hands and to promote the continuation of historic uses such as farming, ranching and recreation while ensuring a legacy of open space for future generations.

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