Harwood Foundation for Sustainable Forestry, Inc.


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The Foundation seeks to cultivate leadership and foster opportunities to bring about solutions that promote sustainable forests, healthy economies and vital rural communities.

Funding Interests

The foundation wants encourage development of a commercially-responsible sustainable forestry industry and promote the quality of life of communities economically-based on natural resources. Specifically, the Foundation will fund projects that 1) promote the successful resolution of obstacles to the implementation of sustainable forestry, 2) educate the public about the social and economic merits of sustainable forestry practices, and 3) enrich the lives of community residents dependent on renewable resources.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support

Sponsorships; scholarship funds; general/operating support, continuing support, land acquisition, program development, matching funds, seed money, building/renovation, equipment and technical assistance.

Grant Size

$200 to $5000

Requirements & Limitations

For sustainable forestry projects, grants are sometimes given outside Northern California, but quality-of-life proposals are restricted to this area (where employees of Harwood Products Inc. live).

Application Process

There are detailed application guidelines on the funde


In 2006, all grants fell into either the community quality-of-life category or the scholarship program. The local events funded included charity auctions, events and fundraisers, and a thousand dollar donation to an employee whose home had burned down.

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