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The Harder Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of an American quality of life that includes clean air and drinking water, unpolluted lakes and rivers, and healthy forests, parks, and wildlands.

Funding Interests

The Foundation has a special concern for the protection of wildlife populations and the habitats on which they depend. Projects funded by The Harder Foundation typically involve efforts to achieve long-term protection of habitat.
Specific 2008 funding priorities are:

  • Temperate Federal Forest Protection: protecting ecosystems within the Northwest Forest Plan region and the Tongass National Forest in Alaska; advancing wilderness; protecting roadless areas in Federal Forest planning processes; and protecting grizzly bear habitat in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
  • Off-road Vehicle Recreation on Public Lands: engaging citizens in sound transportation planning and supporting efforts to limit ecosystem threats from irresponsible ORV use in select public lands ecosystems.
  • Energy Development on Public Lands: preventing oil, gas and coal leases in biologically significant ecosystems and promoting best practices in the extractive energy industry in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Nearshore Marine and Estuary Conservation: creating marine reserves and protected areas, promoting ecosystem based resource management, and protecting biologically productive estuaries in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.
  • River Conservation and Salmon Habitat: preserving the integrity and biological viability of intact salmon habitat in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska; and protecting clean water and in-stream flows for aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Geographic Focus

Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Types of Support

Projects, Research

Grant Size

$3000 to $40000

Requirements & Limitations

The Foundation makes grants for environmental and conservation work by public charities that are qualified under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Providing support for state and regional groups is a Foundation priority, though some support is also given to national organizations for collaborative projects or focused work of a particular field office. The Foundation will only fund specific species preservation projects for select indicator species, for example salmon and grizzly bears, whose protection will benefit important ecosystems.
Proposals for research will be considered only when they are in direct support of concrete, well- defined strategies that take advantage of a specific opportunity to address a pressing environmental problem.

Application Process

Groups new to the Harder Foundation, or those uncertain about the appropriateness of their projects, are strongly encouraged to submit a one- or two-page letter of inquiry, briefly discussing the proposed project, before submitting a full proposal.

Letters of inquiry need to be received at least thirty days prior to the proposal deadline for a given funding cycle in order to allow adequate time for a response. The Foundation will accept up to two letters of inquiry per group per year, one in each funding cycle, but will consider only one proposal per year from any individual group.Specific information regarding proposals can be found on their website.


The Harder Foundation makes grantmaking decisions twice yearly. Funding for the first cycle is more limited, providing support for ongoing projects and occasionally new efforts where timing is critical. They do not accept any proposals before March 15 of each year. The deadlines are updated annually in late March.The deadlines for the first cycle of 2008 are the following:May 23, 2008. The deadlines for the second cycle of 2008 are the following: September, 19, 2008.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Natural Resource Defense Council
Amount: $25000

Grant 2

Grantee: Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
Amount: $15000
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