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The mission of the foundation is to seek and develop outcome-based projects that will improve the quality of life for future generations. The foundation's Environment Program is dedicated to funding work in the area of biodiversity conservation.

Funding Interests

The foundation's two current environmental initiatives are the Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative, which is an effort to preserve the diversity and function of wild salmon ecosystems throughout the North Pacific, and the Amazon-Andes Initiative, which seeks to protect the watershed of the Amazon Basin. Another funding interest is the San Francisco Bay Area Program, which supports positive outcomes for future generations in the San Francisco Bay Area by concentrating principally on thematic categories within the areas of environmental conservation, science and higher education. The foundation has organized the majority of its grant making around these initiatives, and each initiative includes a portfolio of outcome-based grants. The foundation is currently considering beginning to fund initiatives related to conservation management, eco-intelligence and marine microbiology.

Geographic Focus

The foundation is mainly interested in the San Francisco Bay Area and areas consistent with its primary initiatives.

Types of Support

Project and operating

Grant Size

$50000 to $3000000

Requirements & Limitations

The San Francisco Bay Area Program does not support projects that focus on the arts, building construction, capital campaigns, endowments, labor movements, politics, religion or sports.

Application Process

The organization focuses its resources on developing initiatives and projects internally in order to build a strategic portfolio of grants. The foundation staff researches organizations as potential contributors to fill specific niches and achieve the outcomes within its program areas. Once potential grantees have been identified, the foundation requests formal proposals. Because the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, it does not have formal grant guidelines.


The foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Ecotrust US, Portland, OR
Amount: $2715000
Purpose: Ecotrust's overarching goal is to enhance the health of whole watersheds and the economies of the people that live in them. The first grant from the foundation was a $25,000 grant to complete a large-scale conservation strategy for the Copper River watershed. The second Copper River grant of $660,000 supports a preservation program for the Copper's eastern delta. The third grant, for $2.03 million, is helping Ecotrust establish the State of the Salmon program, a collaborative project with the Wild Salmon Center. Through an alliance that extends beyond political boundaries, party affiliations, and urban-rural divides, Ecotrust aims to create a place where people and wild salmon thrive.<br><br> \

Grant 2

Grantee: Trout Unlimited
Amount: $2000000

Trout Unlimited received a grant from the foundation to help establish a Revolving Research Fund for science and stewardship for innovative watershed resource and protection models throughout the U.S. Over the next three years the group will use the funds to begin watershed projects including the North Coast Coho Project (CA), the Kettle Creek Watershed Project (PA), the Jefferson River Watershed Project and the South Fork of the Snake River Watershed Project (ID).

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