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Global ReLeaf is American Forests' education and action program that helps individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations improve the local and global environment by planting and caring for trees.

Funding Interests

There are two types of Global ReLeaf projects:

  1. In urban areas, trees are planted through the Global ReLeaf Fund. The program also encourages individuals to plant trees around their homes and businesses or join community groups to plant trees that shade, cool, and beautify their neighborhoods.
  2. In less-developed areas, trees are planted in ecosystem restoration projects called Global ReLeaf Forests. Many of these areas have been damaged by natural or human causes. These trees help clean the air and water, filter polluted runoff, slow global warming and erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Successful project proposals leverage local support resulting in a lower cost per tree and maximizing the number of trees planted for the funds available.
Proposals that contain an assessment of public benefits and include a strong, multiple-use ecosystem repair component, a diversity of native species that will be planted, efforts to build local partnerships, and new or innovative efforts, restorative approaches, or technology that have the potential for application elsewhere are favored.

Geographic Focus


Types of Support


Grant Size

$1000 to $120000

Requirements & Limitations

Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Project is on land owned by a government entity, or project is on public-accessible private land meeting special criteria.
  • Plantable area is 20 acres or larger or has the potential to be 20 acres or more.
  • Forest ecosystem has been damaged by wildfire, hurricanes, tornadoes, insects, diseases, misguided treatment by humans, or other causes.
  • Funds for planting the area are not available from regular programs or sources.
  • Planting, care, and long-term maintenance will be provided by or supervised by experts.

Application Process

Application forms may be downloaded from the American Forests website.

Proposals must include a project summary, scope of work, a timeline, a list of conservation partners, anticipated outcomes, list of accomplishments, and a projected budget.


There are two annual deadlines, January 15 and July 1.

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