Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Foundation


Contact Information


The Mead Foundation supports organizations dedicated to preserving and improving the environment, the advancement of medical science, and other important social needs.

Funding Interests

Current areas of interest include forestry, fisheries and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Geographic Focus

Western US with emphasis on Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Types of Support


Grant Size

$5000 to $100000

Requirements & Limitations

The foundation does not make grants to individuals or grants for general operating expenses.

Application Process

Applicants should submit a brief letter outlining the project and needed funding. The foundation will contact the applicant should it desire a full proposal. Correspondence should be prepared using two-sided copying when possible. Binders or plastic packaging should not be used.


The board meets in early January, June and October. Letters of inquiry should be sent three months prior to board meetings.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: Grand Canyon Trust, Flagstaff, AZ
Amount: $20000
Purpose: Continued funding for the project Protecting Wild Lands in the Greater Grand Canyon: implementing a Wildlands Reserve System.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: Institute for Sustainable Forestry, Redway, CA<br>
Amount: $35000

Matching funds on three ISF projects, a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supported series of workshops on habitat protection, a state-funded project on watershed organization, and a federally funded program on fire hazard reduction.

Grant 3

Grantee: Institute for Sustainable Forestry, Redway, CA<br>
Amount: $40000

Support of the implementation of the Institute's Strategic Plan, one which outlines a strategy for the continued expanded scope of educational projects focused on SmartWood Certification and hardwood industry development enterprises.

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