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The goal of the Foundation is to preserve, secure and protect water flows for aquatic and riparian ecosystems in the rivers of the interior West.

Funding Interests

The focus is watershed protection, especially projects with significant promise of basin-wide, statewide or regional impact.

Geographic Focus

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

Types of Support

Regular Grants, Discretionary Grants, and Discretionary Trustee Grants. Discretionary and Trustee Grants are only available by invitation from the Foundation.

Grant Size

$10000 to $100000

Requirements & Limitations

The Foundation will not support local watershed or wetlands restoration; environmental education; water quality; toxics; lakes; land acquisition and groundwater protection projects in Oregon, Washington, Nevada or California.

Application Process

A specific application process is required. Please see the website for specific details.


Because any future grantmaking will be a dramatic departure from previous funding priorities, the Foundation will take at least six months to research and determine a new direction for the water program funds. Therefore we will not accept letters of inquiry for this program in the Spring 2006 grant cycle (the deadline for which has traditionally been February 1).

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: American Rivers
Amount: $25000
Purpose: To protect and restore the rivers of the Pacific Northwest and to reverse the decline of the region?s freshwater ecosystems and the aquatic organisms that depend on them.<br><br>

Grant 2

Grantee: New Mexico Community Foundation <br>
Amount: $40000

For the Alliance for the Rio Grande Heritage, a coalition of environmental groups organized for the purpose of restoring the health of the Rio Grande in its upper basin.

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