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To improve the education, health and advancement of the people who live in Gannett communities. The contributions are the foundation's way of helping to improve the quality of life and addressing the most pressing community issues.

Funding Interests

The foundation values projects which take a creative approach to such fundamental issues as education and neighborhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment. Each local Gannett operation establishes its own priorities, depending upon local needs, and may have additional guidelines and restrictions. The foundation recommends that interested organizations check with the local contact person to see if the program is a fit with local funding preferences.

Geographic Focus

The Gannett Foundation serves local organizations in those communities in which Gannett Co., Inc. has a local daily newspaper or television station.

Types of Support

Program and operating

Grant Size

$5000 to $10000

Requirements & Limitations

Contributions will not be considered for the following purposes:

  • Individuals;
  • Organizations not determined by the IRS to be tax-exempt under 501(c)(3);
  • National or regional organizations unless their programs address specific local community needs;
  • Programs or initiatives where the primary purpose is the promotion of religious doctrine or tenets;
  • Elementary or secondary schools (except to provide special initiatives or programs not provided by regular school budgets);
  • Political action or legislative advocacy groups;
  • Endowment funds;
  • Multiple-year pledge campaigns;
  • Medical or research organizations; or
  • Organizations located in or benefiting nations other than the US and its territories.

Application Process

A grant proposal must contain the following information:

  • Completed grant application form (available online);
  • IRS letter of determination for 501(c)3 tax exemption;
  • One-page project budget, and an organizational budget;
  • Needs statement; and
  • Sustainability statement


Cycle 1: February 15th
Cycle 2: August 15th
Some localities may have earlier deadlines. Call or email to your local newspaper or TV station contact person to ask about local deadline dates is recommended.

Recent Grants

Grant 1

Grantee: The Discovery Center, Nashville, TN
Amount: $
Purpose: The Discovery Center at Murfree Spring in Nashville is part of a Corps of Engineers Wetlands Restoration Project.
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