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Posted: Apr 6, 2010

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The Red Lodge Clearinghouse is committed to supporting the partners of collaborative initiatives addressing natural resource challenges in their communities. Check out some of these great collaboration resources:



Collaboration Handbook

A common sense and practical guide to putting a collaborative effort together and making it work.

Collaboration Stories

A collection of stories about various collaborative initiatives in the West provides useful information on formation, key players, challenges faced, obstacles overcome, and lessons learned.

Facilitator Directory

A list of facilitators, organized by state.

Lessons Learned

Reports from a variety of sources on important lessons learned through collaborative processes, including the Red Lodge Clearinghouse Collaboration Lessons Learned Report.

Technical Assistance

A directory of organizations providing technical assistance and other guidance to collaborative groups and partnerships.

Training Opportunities

A list of training opportunities for grant-writing, collaboration, multi-party negotiation, ecosystem management, government contracting, and more...

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