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Grand Canyon

Risks remain from uranium mining near the Grand Canyon

February 20, 2012
Despite the recent withdrawal of public lands near the Grand Canyon from uranium development, risks from current mining operations remain.
Natural gas wells

Air Apparent: Cutting emissions from oil & gas development

February 8, 2012
It used to be that oil and gas development happened somewhere ‘out there’ in rural areas that most of us living in the highly-populated areas of the...
Bryce Canyon NP

Proposed Alton Coal Tract Lease Draft EIS a colossal failure

January 30, 2012
Mark Squillace says that, while coal development and combustion may be a reality for the foreseeable future in this country, we do not need to...

Home, home on…a significant portion of its range

January 16, 2012
There's a change afoot for the Endangered Species Act, but its not without its opponents.
Animas River

Tribes could turn the tables on water control

January 10, 2012
It seems like every week there’s another article about the future of western water—how much we’ll have, where it will come from, and who will get it...
Smokey Bear

Open season on Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl

December 11, 2011
If what we want for our young people is an economically-sustainable future, that also features clear air, potable water and healthy ecosystems, we...
Solar array

Changing the way renewables are funded

November 15, 2011
While the factors surrounding the demise are intriguing, they are not particularly relevant to moving forward. If the responses were affirmative,...
Lisbon Valley, Utah

In the rush for uranium, cooler heads prevail—for now

November 3, 2011
Greens got what seemed like a rare bit of good news when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) last week released their Final Environmental Impact...
St. Vrain State Park

Drill, maybe, drill: The uncertain fate of Colorado State Parks

September 20, 2011
Even if the revenue earned for drilling actually was reinvested into maintaining our parks (which is not at all a certainty), St. Vrain would be a...

Billion dollar baby: Why the Flaming Gorge pipeline is bad for the...

September 13, 2011
Today the Colorado Water Conservation Board will consider a $150,000 grant request to create a special state-funded task force to study the...
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